October 20 & 21, 2017


We are "head over heels" excited about our 2017 Women's Conference this year! Preparation and prayer meetings are well underway to bless you in as big a way as possible! Every minute of planning is geared towards encouraging you to fall deeply “head over heels” in love with Jesus, transforming your hearts as well as your minds! 

“Head Over Heels” is about celebrating women who are gifted, intelligent, and passionate lovers of God, and that we are far more than just our heels!!
It is about helping you guide your passionate heart into the purpose God has for you, and finding that amazing place of fulfillment.  

Invite your friends from all over Southern, Illinois and the St. Louis, Missouri area to Collinsville, Illinois, to hear gifted speaker Nicole Reyes and dynamic worship from the REVIVE band. You will find yourself immersed in a powerful atmosphere preparing you to receive encouragement, strength, and ministry that will take you into a deeper,
more fulfilling place in your walk with the Lord. 


Our Host


Valerie Holmes

Valerie and her husband co-Pastor Revive in Collinsville, IL. She is passionate about teaching, by Word and example, that women who love God must know His Word to experience it’s full transforming power, and that being “Head Over Heels” in love with Jesus is not only possible, but the place to be to truly be free. She is a blessed mom to 5 amazing and married adult kids, and grandmother to one outstandingly adorable redhead! 

Our Worship Leader

Meagan Martin

Meet our Worship Leader! Pastor Meagan is a dedicated staff member who loves to use her skills to bless the ministry team, staff & worshippers at Revive.  She is musically gifted and responsible for creating an environment in which the Holy Spirit is
free to move and bless God's people. She looks forward to leading in worship at our Conference, helping to prepare your heart to receive the Word.
Meagan is a musician, songwriter, wife, and mother of two children.  

Our Speaker

Click to play video from Nicole Reyes!

Nicole Reyes

Nicole Reyes is a gifted and dynamic communicator, who travels and speaks at churches, conferences and events around the world. Her desire is for people everywhere to experience the radical love of Jesus Christ and passionately pursue His plans. She also encourages women to discover their true identity and purpose as they follow Jesus with daring faith.

Bold, funny, and transparent, Nicole preaches the Word of God in a compelling and relevant way, leaving people encouraged, challenged and inspired. Learn more about Nicole at www.nicolereyes.life where you can subscribe to her blog and daily devotionals.

Nicole pastored at Oasis Church in Los Angeles for 14 years, and has led in a number of different areas of church life since she was 19 years old. She currently resides in New York City as the Teaching Coach at Liberty Church and Director of Liberty Foundation, a global missions organization pioneering local churches globally.

When Nicole is not traveling around the world, she loves to spend her time hanging out with friends and family. She loves to laugh, and is always up for new adventures! Nicole is tone deaf and also a bit challenged when it comes to basic athletic coordination. She is a closet nerd, who loves all things comic books - Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings. She also happens to think dogs are superior to cats in every possible way. Even if she runs out of logical evidence, she will never back down from her position on the whole dog vs. cat debate.

And that’s about it. Now you know a little bit more about Nicole Reyes.